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In a standard engine, the combustion cycle is very fast: 0.007 seconds.


Most of the fuel molecules are too large to burn completely in this extremely limited time. The situation is made worse by the fact that the spark plug only ignites a small percentage of the fuel. The fire generated must cascade from one fuel molecule to the next as it propagates through the combustion chamber of the engine.


This wastes precious time and creates inefficiencies.


Hydrogen burns and travels through the combustion chamber 10X faster than a gasoline flame. Hydrogen fills the space between fuel molecules and has the effect of making them closer together. The flame travels faster and the fuel is exposed to flame sooner and for a longer period of time.


The result is a cleaner, more complete burn.


You can think of hydrogen as a giant spark plug in your engine; igniting all the fuel instead of leaving much of it unburned.


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